NSECA called Teaware From the Edge

2012年 6月 28日から

Cavin-Morris Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of ceramic sculpture called THE CONTEMPORARY ART OF THE CHAWAN: An International Invitationa lNSECA called Teaware From the Edge. The core of this exhibition comes from a show organized by Robert Fornell and Rick Mahaffey for . Both artists have work in the exhibition. We decided to expand the show at Cavin-Morris to include some other sculptors from around the world, focusing on the plastic possibilities of working originality into a revered form.

The chawan has always fascinated us with its references to history, to the possibilities of clay, and to the idea of the teabowl as a spiritual vessel and device containing sacred space; a doorway to contemplation of wabi aesthetics and impermanence, of yugen (mysterious beauty), nature and landscape and place, and the idiosyncratic vision of the artist him or herself.

Included will be the work of

John Benn, Richard Bresnahan, Peter Callas, Tom Charbit, Woong Taek Choi, John Dix, Paul Drapkin, Judith Duff, Robert Fornell, Gyozo Furuse, Lisa Hammond, Shigamasa Higashida, Chuck Hindes, Osamu Inayoshi, Ki Bong Jeong, Kentaro Kawabata, Sun Sik Kim, Young Sik Kim, Ryoji Koie, Lucien Koonce, Derek Larsen, Jung Hwan Lee, Kang Hyo Lee, Rick Mahaffey, Touri Maruyama, Hideo Matsumoto, Shozo Michikawa, Richard Milgrim, Young Ki Min, Dan Murphy, Soon Taek Oh, Toshio Ohi, Takao Okazaki, Reid Ozaki, David Pike, Phil Rodgers, Tim Rowan, Tae Kwan Ryu, Akira Satake, Steve Sauer, Jeff Shapiro, Fumio Shimada, Wasaburo Takahashi, Yoh Tanimoto, Kai Tsujimura, Shiro Tsujimura, and Mike Weber.

For further information: Please contact Shari Cavin, Mimi Kano, or Randall Morris at 212 226 3768, e: info@cavinmorris.com.

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