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“So, I was at the cremation of my grandfather, whom I was very close to, and I saw his bones placed into a mass-produced, soulless ceramic urn. I felt this was just not the right receptacle for eternal sleep and thus decided to become a potter,” explains Inayoshi Osamu, a talented mid-30s potter from Toyohashi, Aichi. Just 20 at the time of his grandfather’s passing, he enrolled in ceramic art school soon thereafter and in 2008 established the Inayoshi Ceramic Research Laboratory—he’s that serious about life, his pottery and the afterlife.

Inayoshi also possesses a very ‘playful spirit’ (asobi-gokoro) which he discovered after reading the “Sneering Tea Bowl” by the late eccentric tea master and potter Kamiguchi Guro (1892-1970). The cover of the book shows a smiling Kamiguchi. His eyeglasses are upside down and he’s sipping matcha from a lovely tea bowl… with a straw. Inayoshi loved the aura of the photo, knowing that Kamiguchi was a serious student of ceramic art. Inayoshi embraced a similar seriousness with his research into stoneware called Atsumi pottery of the Heian and Kamakura periods.

In a very short time Inayoshi has developed stylish ash-glazes in azuki-purple and rusty tones, jet-black “action painting” glaze techniques, and stone-textures often with gold or silver dot-glazes for his thoroughly original vessels for the table and tea room. Keep an eye on Inayoshi’s work. His understanding of life and death, beauty and clay vessels for our precious time here would surely make his grandfather proud.





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